Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pop that Yellow!

Happy Thursday Chica's,

I was suppose to have this post up last night, but my 3 month old just wasn't allowing me to do anything but play with him.  As the old saying say, its better late than never!  My mornings are quite hectic trying to get myself and two little people ready and out of the door.  And since I did not lay my outfit out the night before, I was able to pull this little combination out quickly because I have worn it together before.  I know fall is usually all about the dark, vampy colors, but I believe  a pop of color adds a little pizazz into any outfit.  Below is what I wore on yesterday to work:

I did not plan to wear this blazer, but since it was a little chilly, I threw it on just to keep warm.  However, it seemed to fit right in with the color scheme of this outfit.

 Now you ladies know I couldn't end this post without the fish
Outfit details:
Blazer - Target
Blouse - Forever 21
Pants - H & M
Kenneth Cole Boots - Consignment Boutique
Earrings (old) - Target
Lipstick- Milani Sangria

a couple of

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Be Blessed & Chic,

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